Weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020

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Uranus, your domestic ruler, goes retrograde on Sunday, encouraging you to live minimally. When the planet of rebellion moves in reverse, he asks you to consider your responsibility to your home and family zones. Deepen your relationships with loved ones, and think about how you want to live until January 10, , when Uranus moves direct. You could find yourself attracted to a coworker or a colleague on Wednesday, when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your romantic ruler. Keep an eye out for confusion at home on Friday, when chatty Mercury squares homey Uranus.

Use your strategic mind to smooth out the wrinkles. Your mind is like a sponge this week, Sagittarius. Soak up all you can while the Sun uses his influence to highlight your 9th house of exploration, adventure, and belief. Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves direct in Sagittarius on Sunday, offering you blessings that increase your personal glow and confidence. Focus your attention on the importance of internal over physical changes as of Sunday, when rebellious Uranus goes retrograde. Fine-tune your daily routine on Wednesday, when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your personal planet of well-being.

Figure out new ways to save money and time and adjust your schedule accordingly. Mercury, your planetary ruler of career and love, picks up a regal vibe in Leo this week. Be wary of your pride on Friday, when the messenger planet squares against a retrograde Uranus.

When in doubt, hold yourself back and listen to concerns brought up at work or in your relationships. Who are you becoming, Capricorn? The Sun works to motivate your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change this week, solidifying your latest evolution of self.

Your self-love grows as the Moon waxes into Capricorn on Sunday at p. Get comfortable in your own skin while your romantic ruler, the Moon, moves through your sign, intensifying your best qualities until Monday at p. Jupiter, your planetary ruler of inner growth and spirituality, moves direct on Sunday, helping you to reconnect with your intuition. Learn to be patient with your cash flow on Sunday, when Uranus, your personal planet of finances goes retrograde. Start saving and embrace a spirit of frugality while your cash planet moves in reverse until January 10, Step up to the plate at work on Wednesday, when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your career ruler.

Avoid giving into temptation or whipping out your credit card on Friday when Mercury, your planetary ruler of well-being, squares money-minded Uranus. Crafty Mercury moves through the regal sign of Leo all week, influencing you to push the envelope. The Sun, your personal planet of love, brightens your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business. Uranus, your ruling planet, goes retrograde on Sunday, helping you to work on your inner self.

The Moon, your planetary ruler of health and work, waxes in Aquarius on Tuesday at a. EST, building up your sense of independence and confidence. Make time to kick back with family on Wednesday, when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your home and family ruler. Work to resolve tensions on Thursday when the full Aquarius Moon opposes domestic Venus at a. You could be feeling torn between your need for autonomy and your responsibilities to your family.

Look for a happy medium as you work to find a compromise. Work to be as clear as possible on Friday, when communication ruler Mercury squares against a retrograde Uranus. It only takes a few weeks to build a strong habit, Pisces.

Leo 2020 Yearly Preview Psychic Reading- Reform

Stick with what works for you this week while the Sun, your personal planet of well-being, lights up your 6th house of health, order, and service. Jupiter, your career ruler, moves direct as of Sunday, helping you to make real headway in your professional journey. Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change, goes retrograde on Sunday, encouraging us to focus on internal, rather than external changes. As one of the most intuitive signs, you may want to keep a diary of your inner journey while Uranus moves backward until January 10, Consider how you can infuse some fun into your routine while the Sun, your health and work ruler, conjuncts charming Venus on Wednesday.

Prepare to reassess your sources for inspiration on Wednesday when the full Aquarius Moon, your personal planet of creativity and romance, opposes material Venus.

Leo Horoscope 2020

Your intuition is heightened on late Thursday evening when the Moon enters Pisces at p. Listen to your inner voice while she stays there until Saturday at p. Remember to relax in your relationships on Friday when Mercury, your personal planet of love, home, and family, squares a retrograde Uranus. The energy of these planets can end up harried — avoid letting it infect you by keeping a cool head. Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. Venus Australis.

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Refinery29 August 11, View photos. Aries March 21 to April 19 Your positive energy is contagious, Aries. Celia Jacobs. Taurus April 20 to May 20 Have you reached peak comfort yet, Taurus? Gemini May 21 to June 20 Learn to trust yourself, Gemini. Amber Vittoria. Cancer June 21 to July 22 Keep your eye on the prize, Cancer. Ariel Davis. Leo July 23 to August 22 You attract others like moths to a flame, Leo.

You may be an enterprising and courageous fire sign but your Fixed modality resists change.

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But resist no longer! Take that risk, become your own boss, throw up that safe job which is blocking your creativity and individuality: opens many doors for you and frees up new pathways. More important, by changing it up you will be ready for the next decade which will see many industries challenged and major global financial upsets. Consider how you can diversify and simplify your life. Clearly, not every Leo is going to start living off the land, although that idea has merit, but expecting the return of the good old spend-spend-spend days is a waste of time.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

August Monthly Horoscope: Courage and Adventure Return

No one becomes an expert at anything overnight; it takes time. People will love you more for it. With so many important alignments focusing on the sixth house of work and service, you can expect to be working hard; you may even have to devote yourself to a project or a person. Astrolutely Fabulous! Forecast Leo. The Week Ahead for Leo. Monday, 7 October — Sunday, 13 October.

Health according to Leo Horoscope 2020

The element of surprise. The Month Ahead for Leo. October Not everything is set in stone. Actions have consequences. We make choices. The Year Ahead for Leo. General 21 January brings to an end a two-and-a-half year cycle in which you should have undergone a major life change. Love and relationships The aforementioned eclipses have had their biggest effect on relationships, and that theme of building on the foundations applies to many Leos who married or ended relationships.

Big and bold is how to roll into August , even if you have to borrow a bit of swagger. Adding to the chaos and swirl of emotions, Mercury was retrograde from July 7 to Spine straight! Shoulders back! Heart forward!

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Leo helps us summon the courage to face anything the eclipse introduced. August 11 is the turnaround day, as two ebullient outer planets—supersizer Jupiter and changemaker Uranus—end and begin retrogrades respectively. Jupiter will sail forward in its home sign of adventurous Sagittarius, ending a reversal that started April

weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020 Weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020
weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020 Weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020
weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020 Weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020
weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020 Weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020
weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020 Weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020
weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020 Weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020
weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020 Weekly horoscope leo january 10 2020

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