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SUNDAY: You'll receive important information regarding a loved one today, which will enable you to release worry and return your focus to the matters at hand. Your creativity will soar if you dress in yellow to inspire a brand new approach to a rather mundane task.

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Write your ideas down on paper as they appear, as thoughts will rush in at lightning speed now. Tonight, discuss your plans for the future with a loved one under the visionary Sagittarius Moon.

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  4. Wear yellow to break through blocks or red tape and clear a path as if by magic. Today's Sagittarius Moon will support you as you restore your disciplines and set new boundaries with loved ones, you'll have to be diligent to create a more stable foundation. Someone will nominate you to be in charge tonight, and you'll be happy to take over the reins! SUNDAY: If you find yourself torn between social activities and the desire to withdraw today, dress in white to make the right decision.


    No matter which direction you choose, you should make a point of attending to your own needs first so you can operate more effectively for the rest of the day. Devise a new budget under the security-based Sagittarius Moon, and while you're at it, set up a special savings account for that luxury purchase or extravagant vacation you've been dreaming about. Dress in green to open your heart and improve your ability to practice unconditional love.

    Insist that everyone do their part on a group project, and set an example by being the first one to act under the determined Sagittarius Moon. Under the influence of the Taurus Sun, romance and indulgent activities will be on your agenda this evening. Attend to those little tasks that have been nagging at you this morning so you'll have a clear path for next week's activities.

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    Hold on to receipts as you go through paperwork, for you'll have to make an exchange or return a recent purchase within the next few days. Wear red this evening to promote stability, change and optimum health. It's time to eliminate or complete any obligations that are repressing your creative energy or forward movement. Dress in yellow to assert your personal power and break through blocks others create. You'll cross paths with an important person from your past this evening, either in person or over the internet. You'll make great progress in united efforts, but personal pursuits will have to wait until next week.

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    You've got a myriad of ideas floating through your head, write them down for later contemplation. Attend a gathering of friends tonight, as they'll be a captive audience for all you want to share. If you dress in blue, they're sure to hang on your every word! Horoscopes Astrology Psychics Kajama.

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