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Aries see that lovely cosy cave over there. This is your cave. No-one else will disturb you, you can even block of the entrance, for there is a little door or screen made from trees that envelope the entrance. This is a private safe retreat created just for you, and you can go there any time you wish.

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Why would you go to this cave Aries? Because you need time from the masses. Time for yourself to process recent events and work out solutions to any problems that arose from them. What you seek is clarity like all of us in order work out the way. I wish I could say this week turn off your electronical devices, go off grid. Break up your working time with walks and fresh air. Caves an also a very creative place, where you can use the chalk provided, and write your plans and ideas all over the walls. Images you doodle, whether on the cave walls, or on a piece of paper, will make sense to you by the end of this week, so if you do random scribbles etc whilst you are on the phone, or just passing time keep the same note book, and look at the collection of ideas you have accumulated by the end of this week going into next week.

Take time also to rest on the blanket and cushions provided in the cave. There is comfort to be found by just resting up. For this cave sits high in the rocks, over looking the see. I kind of like that idea because my beloved is a Taurean chap. Your domain is forest and woodland, where such secret worlds can be found if you look hard enough, or are invited into them. Step through the fairy door, and meet your guide, the masculine counter part to the Queen of Elphame, The Horned God. So, another confirmation that this card has great meaning for you, this is a Taurean card.

The Horned God and King of Pentacles, represent someone who has a gift for creating wealth, and abundance, and who also is wise and not too quick to spend any gold coins earned. He also has great leadership qualities, and to thrive really needs to be in a position of authority or where they are respected. Does this sound like you Taurus?

Think about the double whammy here. Are you focussed on the long-term aspects of your life? The roof over your head, financial sustenance into old age, have you been looking at pensions or how to make money grow whilst safely hidden from those who would spend it. Could you do something you enjoy, yet earn enough and more to enjoy life now and later? There is also a protective energy around this card, for the Horned God, guards those in the forest, only allowing those in who are truly welcome.

This in real life extends to you protecting the world you live in and those who share it with you. You do look at mankind, and especially guard those you hold dearly. You are also a generous soul and if you have it to give you will. Embrace the double energy of your significator card being with you this week. Oh, raise your arms up high above your head Gemini, command your audience to silence with a look. In your hands there is a sword, a large sword. This is not a sword that will hurt anyone with its blade. But its fine edge allows it to cut through situations to break atmospheres, or fogs in order to shatter illusions.

By doing so you reveal what it really going on around. Around yourself and others. This is not a time to hold back or shrink from the limelight. Courage Gemini. I also note that Swords represent air signs in tarot, so to get this card much like Taurus you have a double powerful reading.

But they could find themselves feeling stung by its real power. Sharp words. Precision in conversation, cutting out unnecessary words can give the appearance of being to the point, with little time for unimportant things. Be sure to soften the edges of your words. Choose a kind tone when appropriate, but a firm tone when needed. What I am saying here is Gemini is know when to use the sugar-coating and when to say it how it is.

This sword is also great at cutting cords or ties with those who dare to deceive you. It will cut so sharply and quickly that it cauterizes any wounds. Whereas some readings are unconditional, and totally allow for free will, here you will be very aware of your own free will and how you manage it. You will sense the responsibility that comes with this card. Say it with love and inspiration. Your subtext should be love and soul intentions as Venus in your 3rd asks Neptune in your 12th to state what you truly mean. Can you? Provided you communicate with love, your meaning should be clear. This angle can bring you inspired ideas and creativity, direct you into the realms of pure imagination and fantasy.

But the trick is to do something with this rather than just be seduced by the ideas themselves. All thanks to Mercury in your 5th on the 27th. Selling sand to the Saudis? Piece of cake for you this week. Talk up a dream, a romance or a success story this week. In a nutshell: Time to flirt, create, imagine and play with ideas and possibilities. Your ability to communicate with passion wins you your desired outcome.

Say it with love this week, Aries. Who can you count on this week, Taurus? Team Taurus is your best asset no matter which way you look at it. You need to know which friends you can count on and who has your back. This is your house where dreams and wishes come true, where you open up and accept what the universe wants to send you and where you set your future in motion. When it comes to the other part of this equation — which is your money as well as who you can bet on, you need to have a plan when it comes to those goals which require actual financial backing.

Dreams are built first on imagination but then on practical steps. This is your Go Fund You moment — how do you intend to do that? Mercury zooms into your 4th this week favouring not only property dealings, moves, buying, selling, leasing, renting, Airbnb-ing but any transaction upon which you can enhance your long term security. Important papers can be signed but more than that — you can use what you already have in creative and exciting ways to make more money to bankroll that bigger vision.

Give the practical steps you need to take to attain this house room now. Do the deal with yourself to do what it takes. Your secret superpower has always been your ability to defer instant gratification in preference for that long term goal. The future result — so worth it for you — and your dream team, Taurus. In a nutshell: Assemble that dream team! If you have a dream, you need a plan and a cheer squad. Get both this week, Taurus. Time to work what will get you noticed and place you right at the centre of attention like you wn it, Gemini.

And by the way — you do own it right now! Now, this can be the written word, talking, presentations, interviews, meetings or what you have to say on-line via a blog, website or vlog. Get talking, get sharing and above all, be the one to initiate that conversation whether it is face to face, making that approach to that company you would like to do business with or work for, or sharing those ideas via any means you can.

Expect an upswing with work and communication and take a pro-active approach when it comes to anything you have to say. Travel is also very much on the table now — both for business or leisure so why not plan a short break at the very least? You cannot help but attact right now thanks to Venus in your 1st enhancing your desireability. Why not pamper yourself? You are very much on show at the moment so consider any image updates a sound investment. Know what you want to achieve when it comes to career matters and stay focussed on your goal. In a nutshell: Work it like you own it this week, Gemini.

This encompasses all of you — your image, ideas and all you have to offer.

Leo Weekly Astrology Tarot Horoscope April 29 May 6 12222

Secret loves, secret pleasures, secret dreams and desires come to the surface and demand you acknowledge them this week Cancer. This week wants you to understand there is no time like now. Are you waiting for something to change before you will allow yourself to be happy or have the experiences you want? Hey — supersize those goals and also, step back and ask yourself what is stopping you from living the dream right now?

Or at least taking steps towards having it. Just what are you waiting for, Cancer? Are you telling yourself you will look for love when you lose that 10lbs? Or that what you want is for other people and not you? Stop the crazy soul-stunting excuses and get living in the moment instead. Is money what stands between you and that goal? Weave a little magic combined with a practical approach.

Go for what you want and let the rest of it take care of itself in the process. In a nutshell: What is standing between you and those secret dreams could be nothing more flimsy than your own thoughts. Step free of self-imposed barriers. Go directly to you dream, Cancer. Friends may offer you assistance or share their resources with you this week — anything from their time, contacts, expertise down to yes, anything else from money to a horse.

How are you when it comes to asking for help, Leo? So, what holds you back when it comes to asking a favour in return? Venus in your 11th is asking how comfortable you feel about this as it angles to Neptune in your 8th. However — one caveat I will put on this is that if someone has taken advantage of your generous nature and you discover this now, they will not get an opportunity to do this again.

Disloyalty is the deal-breaker in your book. If the lion needs to roar — do just that this week. Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 27th but remember, we are in retroshadow time. What this means is saying what needs to be said rather than holding it back. If you feel things have become lacklustre, listless or boring — in other words, the opposite of who you are, then now is the time to do something about it. It could be someone you know is waiting to offer you the backing you need. Or even to ask for it if needed.

Share those aspirations and talk up a dream — backing for them is close by. Just what dreams, plans and schemes are you keeping to yourself in that Fortress of Solitude or secret island base? Or okay, just your bedroom.

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  • Possibly in a way that makes everyone sit up and take notice. But Muriel wanted the dream because it would make all the people who had made her feel small — her father and the appalling Sophie Lee, see her differently. The key of course was in Muriel seeing herself differently.

    So, as Venus in your 10th of ambition and status, squares Neptune in your partnership sector you need to keep two thoughts in mind. How long have you had this dream or secret ambition? Ruler Mercury arrives in your 12th which Neptune rules on the 27th. But it could be time for an airing now. If the past in the form of a person comes calling — the question is have you learned you are enough without them?

    Let this knowledge be the basis of any decisions you make. You are enough as you are, Virgo. And that also means you have what it takes to get to wherever you want to go. In a nutshell: Own those secret dreams and ambitions. Know you are enough already without them coming true. Which means — you are more than enough to make them real, Virgo. You need a time out this week, Libra.

    And ruler Venus wants to help you take it. What you need or have to do needs to be balanced with what you want to do — or dream of doing. If you do, you can tap into inspiration that brings a touch of pleasure to those everyday tasks and that day job. It means plugging in to a fresh perspective. Mercury moves into your 11th this week and if hanging out with friends is what you need to shift your soul back into high gear, then make time for this too.

    The power of the 11th house is often underestimated. Usually these come to us via contacts and the people we know. This is the house of our future and those who are going into it with us. Mercury in here propels us out of boredom and sends us who or what we need — new connections, new ideas, new conversations and yes, a new perspective when it comes to getting what we want. When out and about, start a conversation, Libra. The people you talk to are your long term escape route now.

    In a nutshell: You need an escape. A change of scene to restore both your optimism and your perspective. Take some me time and watch how new avenues to the future open up, Libra. You also want a spiritual as well as a physical turn-on. Someone who stirs your passion — mind, body and soul!

    Venus in your 8th demands you give in to the lure of your senses while Neptune in your 5th is all about the romance. And also, listen carefully to what someone is telling you rather than interpreting it how you want it to sound. If that potential lover is telling you they are not seeking anything serious — take them at their word.

    Leo Weekly Astrology Forecast 5Th June 2017

    Words matter this week on a professional front as Mercury arrives in your 10th. This is your house of attainment and represents how far you can go and how high you can climb. Important contracts and documents can be signed and deals can be struck. Mercury hands you the words and ideas with which you can use to write your success story. The deal to be struck now is your increased confidence and satisfaction at the outcome and all you can achieve. In a nutshell: You crave the perfect connection — mind, body and soul.

    In your career — the real deal about be on offer. Bring love on home, baby! As Carlos Santana said: Give me your heart, make it real — or else forget about it. This love could for others involve where you are living. In a bubble? Is your residence less of a home but just someplace you hang your hat? Time to look at whether you love it and if so, commit to it, or go where you feel you belong, Sag as Venus asks you get real when it squares Neptune.

    Where do you feel you come alive and shine? Time to head there if you can especially if this is somewhere you have been before as Mercury is in retroshadow mode. Travelling to new places can be undertaken and should be if possible before Mercury enters its full-on retroactive phase.

    Either for a vacation or if somewhere far away call to you on a deeper level, permanently? You know where you belong and possibly who with too. Keep moving towards what your hearts calls home. In a nutshell: You need the real deal now, Sag. Not just talk and promises. Travel is high on the agenda. Head towards the place where you sparkle and shine! Both your Mercury ruled houses are activated this week by an alignment between Venus in your 6th and Neptune in your 3rd.

    You need to have a plan as to how to make this happen. This week is asking that you focus on the small stuff — or what you consider small stuff, and to repeat yourself if necessary. Above all, get everything in writing and take minutes or notes and keep track of what is agreed. You may find that people do not keep their word or the goal posts get moved. There are fabulous opportunities for creative results but at the same time, equal potential for confusion. If this all sounds spookily like a Mercury retrograde — well, Mercury itself now in retroshadow, enters your 8th on the 27th.

    This is your house of power money, assets, agreements, loans, your salary and shared resources. Keep in mind what I said about getting things in writing. Pay attention to the small print and if necessary, get an expert to cast a professional eye over any papers that relate to your long term standing, commitment and status. Whoever said the devil is in the details had you in mind this week, Cappy. In a nutshell: Have a plan to turn that inspiration into reality now, Capricorn. Serious inroads can be made when it comes to success and your financial status. But take care of the details. Venus in your 5th wants to bring you romance, pleasure, good times and a chance to express yourself.

    By all means be generous — with yourself and others. But ensure you can afford to do so. Hedonistic pleasures top your list of pursuits and yes, some indulgence may be called for. This can be anything from food, drink to sensual clothes, art work, lingerie or just funding that pleasurably immersive experience for you and another. You want to share good times or the good things of life with the people around you — or perhaps just shower one special person with this. Together with Venus in your 5th your openness brings about free-flowing conversations which in turn brings others closer.

    Mercury in here can see our thoughts literally become real so be careful what you talk about — it may manifest. In a nutshell: Open the door to romance and pleasure this week, Aquarius. But ensure you stay within financial limits. The best things in life are free after all — and that includes love. Surround yourself with what you love and who you love this week, Pisces. Venus in your 4th and ruler Neptune are asking you what it is you need to nurture your soul? Spoil yourself especially when it comes to either beautifying your home environment or giving yourself a special treat — anything from that cupcake to that sensual bath oil you know you love.

    One warning — guests may not want to leave! Treating your home to something new may be the other way you spoil yourself. You will take your inspiration from your immediate surroundings now so all the more reason to ensure they nurture and inspire your soul. Taking time to just be is sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves. Mercury enters its ruling 6th this week. Bear in mind it is now in retroshadow phase and will retrograde in here giving you a double dose of Mercury mayhem when it does.

    For now however, pay attention to the effect your home environment has on your energy, health and overall feeling of wellbeing. You will be more sensitive to this than usual. Make your home your sacred space, your refuge, the place where love can enter and above all, the place where you recharge in order to have or go after what you want. For now, go with that home feeling. So make it your refuge where you recharge and realign your soul. Time to surround yourself with who and what you love now.

    Use your psychic intuition! Please nominate me in the soul and spirit awards. I so appreciate your support. Please click the picture to vote. Thank you so much and lots of love Michele X. Did you know that each of us has a team of spirit guides who help us on our life path? They are with us through all our lives surrounding us with love and come in many forms.

    For example, you might have a highly evolved guide who has had many previous lives, or a wise grandparent who has passed over into the spirit world and who is assisting you now. Guides can work with us in many ways or might have a specific role, some are serious and some have a fabulous sense of humour! Guides can help in many ways such as helping us find our true life path and direction and are always in the background cheering you on!

    Here are a few simple tips to form a stronger bond with your guides. There are lots of ways that you can do this, but two simple approaches are through visualisation and automatic writing. Automatic writing is a process where you use writing to channel information from your guides. Oh, please if this is our summer, can we have a glorious Indian summer? I have festivals and outdoor musical gigs to attend with camping! I hope you are all feeling well and dandy, and thank you for the warm response of the articles, it makes me smile from within.

    If you do struggle to get off to sleep, I have started using guided meditation sleep apps on my phone. Oh my. What can I say? There are so many downloadable nigh time stories for adults. My favourites involve train journeys. So, if you are struggling, you could do worse than pop some headphones on, or earphones on, lay back relax and just drift off. Gemini oh romantic soul, here is the silver Bough branches out into your life and invites you to do the same. Your tactile side will emerge, holding those you love closely and tightly, embracing people who would be friends, with the promise of long-term associations.

    Alliances made now will serve you well in the future, as your life further grows and develops. Silver Bough also brings a sense of calm and peace. Any troubled waters will be calmer now, issues that had you confused and struggling with yourself, will now run far more smoothly. New friendships or business contacts made before this time will flourish now, and you can expect to see blossoms sooner rather than later.

    A good time to plan weddings or renew vows if you were asking for a sign of blossoming romances. Time management, work life balance is not an issue. You are for now in control and really should make the most of this time. What are you waiting for Gemini, go and be harmoniously productive and enjoy your leisure time properly? Cancer hello, stand firm and tall, throw your arms up out to the sky and reach for the stars and moon. Feel that energy run through you, hard and fast, from the ground, into the roots of the earth, to the skies, where by day the sun warms and sooths you, and by night the stars and moon heal and guide you.

    Keeping you safely grounded. Wishes and dreams they are here for you, potentially success awaits you. So, make sure your wishes and dreams realistic and come from a genuine heart. By this I mean that nobody suffers as a result of your good fortune. There seems to be the opportunity to see the final piece of a puzzle fit, and for you to see the completion of a project. You may be asked to referee in situations or give your honest opinion.

    If you have felt judged or even misjudged balance will be restored now. Reputations will be restored. Situations will appear as if healed. You may be doing some soul searching at this time, about your own spiritual path. Any feelings that make you feel at odds with yourself, need to be released. And they are too old to matter. Make space for new positive feelings, and your dreams will grow.

    Sacral, lovely bright and orange sunshine in the middle of your belly. Or it should be. How gloweth your sun? For every steam engine needs stoking up. Your potential here is starred here, your time make your presence felt in the world. So, get yourself ready. For the Chalice a place of creation, opportunity and healing beckons. Take the Chalice and decide what type of vessel it is going to be. Is your Chalice full, empty, or half and half? What is your view of its state? Half and half is not a bad place to be as long as the half you have is a positive half.

    When I look at my chakra balances, half full allows others to benefit from what I can offer, and to be replenished by others loving energy. To allow it to fall below the halfway line every now and then, means a time for respite, healing and opportunity. Your emotions are perhaps a little wobbly here, for the Chalice also speaks of water, refer to the above advice to get yourself back on calmer waters, so that you are in control, but still able to connect warmly with the world. Virgo hello, I give you a Pentacle, a star within a circle.

    I offer you protection, and all the qualities of the elements we can summon! Feel confident Virgo, have faith in yourself, for this card speaks of your wisdom. Trust your wisdom and knowledge, you already know what you need to know. Whilst there is always more to enhance your learning, you are good enough now, have done enough now to take the next step on your adventure. Think about elements that make up your plan, they are like the elemental values in the pentacle, of 5 equal portions, perfectly balanced. What element of your plan is its foundation, the earth element?

    What are your feelings behind it, the water element? What is your thinking behind your plan, the air element, how vibrant is your energy or drive towards it, the fire element? What advice from spirit or mother earth are you getting, what faith do you have in yourself, your spiritual connection with your project? Try to resist the pressures of the world right now, for in finding and maintaining balance you may need to withdraw.

    Yes, you need to work, but you need to rest and play too. Even if you live in the middle of many folk, take your time to explore parkland near you, see your friends, if friends are limited go somewhere you can connect to others who share your vision. There is a magic around you that will attract new people and invigorate established friendships. Enjoy this time. For it will prove to be abundant and happy.

    How is the Holey Stone created Libra, the hollowed-out stone was a regular stone, hence it was called holey, not holy, yet it has spiritual powers. It is found in the water usually a stream it was retrieved a cord tied around it and it was worn about the neck of wise one. Like a talisman it protects its wearer, and creates a safe boundary, or personal space around them. As it is created by water, it is suggested that this is a time of cleansing for you. There may be something you need to release and heal from. It is also shaped like an eye; I would suggest here that the third eye chakra that aids clairvoyance is calling for your attention.

    Focus on the area between your eyebrows above your nose, relax and just close your eyes. You may feel a tingling sensation there. Via the darkness of your shut eyes, you may see shapes, colours, or even be able to depict images that tell you of the things that could be coming in soon. This takes some time to develop. There are those you love to have close to you, those you are happy to call friend. And there are those whose motives you question. Trust your instincts Virgo, for this is a time where you can draw circles of boundaries around you.

    Any negativity you feel around you, you can be guarded from. In summary Libra, you are offered healing, protection, and the great opportunity here to use your insight, and please trust what you see, for once you open the gateway of sight you open a door to the unknown. Success awaits you; you just need to see it. You will also find developments in your psychic abilities, perhaps another guide may be met to take you on your next phase.

    The Spiral comes your way to give you the energy, healing, and power to drive yourself forwards into your future. You are breaking free from anything that has held you back, anyone who you are not in healthy relationships with. Having spun round, what do you see now? What did your creation of a vortex of energy bring to you?

    What do you want to spin into your life? Do what it takes to gather up your strength in order to ready yourself for the changes that will find their way to you. The release can be quick and painless, but necessary. But do move forwards then. Besides your own natural energy will and Sagittarian life force will not let you sit too long when there is so much to be done. It would be a good opportunity for you to seek some healing, I feel Reiki would be great at this time, it really fills you from top to toe, visiting every chakra centre. Just focus on your body relaxing from your feet upwards, through legs to your hips, via your stomach and up to your heart, throat then lastly with your third eye and crown chakras.

    There are some lovely guided chakra alignment meditations available, why not do one of them. For the laws of attraction work best on an attuned energy force. Hello Sagittarius, Besom or Broomstick arrives with you to seriously clean house, clean life, and clean your boundaries. Move the furniture out the way, and work that broom around the room to dig out any dirt from the corners, and swoosh it outside! Right outside. Sweep your yard too, weed your garden, clean the windows, wash down the door. Really give the house a clean.

    Now… you can do this, or you can do it mentally. Now go to your social media pages if you have them. Be honest. Considering how tough life has been lately, we should all deserve to enjoy a little guilt-free indulgence. Actually, only one, which is my Jupiter. Why do you ask?

    Mick Jagger: Leo/Goat/Sheep – The Warrior Artist

    On December 8, Jupiter turned retrograde and made all kind of developments inwards, emphasized inner awareness. To put it in simple words - this was time of planning, understanding and personal silent development. If retrograde Jupiter was more spiritual and philosophical, then direct Jupiter cannot keep things silent.

    Jupiter is king of ancients gods, our best friend what brings developments, positive attitude, expansion and growth. Jupiter in Leo has strong opinions and believes, but he also likes romance and drama. Direct Jupiter allows you to act on behalf of future believes , it gives you better understanding, experience and widens your horizon. When Jupiter turns direct, is ideal for making or implementing decisions regarding the year ahead in terms of the matters ruled by Jupiter.

    The flavor depends on where the change happens in your personal chart. You can change towards better life things or relationship in area touched by Jupiter. Jupiter rules our potential for growth and expansion on many levels: physical, intellectual, spiritual and cultural.

    It helps to gain status and material success. It rules our optimism and aspirations. Jupiter promotes contacts with foreigners, academic and artistic types, endeavors publishing, higher education and religion. Jupiter is a risk-taker, so also rules gambling and speculation, adventure — and moving into unknown territory.

    Blessings-bringer Jupiter just entered bold Leo where it will remain until August Jupiter expands and enlivens whatever it touches. In Leo, it brings big-time creativity and fun. You can expect to express yourself more fully wherever you find Leo in your natal chart. This will be an incredible year for Leos with loads of opportunities for self-expression, growth, and expansion.

    Aries and Sagittarius will find this energy pretty inspiring, too! Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius may find that circumstances and other people are forcing them to expand their vision of what is possible. Big events that occurred 12 years ago will give you a clue as to how this energy will manifest in your life over the next year. Stay tuned for news on the upcoming New Moon. It features a rare alignment with Jupiter in Leo. Your Jupiter is in Leo, which suggests the great warmth, enthusiasm, heart, and generosity of spirit that infuses your expression.

    You love the color, drama, and celebration of life, and are gifted with a contagious confidence. Extravagance could be a temptation, for you cannot conceive of doing anything on a modest scale. Large plans and organizing major productions are your forte. My mind has been foggy, I have like had nothing really done and I have gotten all this thoughts about a change. So this shows my back and forth thoughts about expanding of my 10th house kind of becase school is like my career at the moment and the assignments is like work and 6th house shit.

    Jupiter moved back home. You need to come to England soon! During retrogrades you tend to either meet new people or meet old friends. I have met some new friends during this time. Jupiter is in its ruling house here. Increases the chances of travelling! Great if you are thinking about taking a long vacation abroad. Also a wonderful time to further your education, as well as do some very deep reflecting and research.

    May bring a new person into your life that plays the role of the teacher, and would very likely be from a different cultural background. Click here if you want to check out this cool descriptions. Tell me about your experiences with this time: What houses has Jupiter transitet? Has it been apecting any angular houses or planets in a strong way? Do you think that you have gotten anything out of this retrograde? External image. Jennifer Hillman and Rayna Engle discuss the shift into the expansive energies of Jupiter in Leo and growing your dreams by allowing it your plan to unfold before you.

    Time to embrace the magic you are and allow your world to change into your dreams. Roar like a lion and be pride of all you be. Listen to Jenn and Rayna discuss the beautiful positive things happening and focus on the love…. View On WordPress. External image Greed and Avarice. The Pentagon fails its first ever audit. Trillions of dollars missing. In a story released through RT a very reliable Russian news agency.

    They have an expansive creative energy. What they create just grows and grows. Whatever these people learn, they want to learn it in a fun way. Saturn has been retrograde since March and in Scorpio beyond the last 2 years of it since June. These final master degrees of Saturn in Scorpio have had us…. Unless you are the grumpiest of the grumpiest, everyone appreciates engaging with friendly people.

    Whether it be the server at your neighborhood grill, or the cashier at the market, friendliness just feels better. Today, not only does friendliness make the world a nicer place, it opens doors and windows of opportunities that previously were closed. In the morning as you greet co-workers, classmates, neighbors, clients and customers, say HELLO in the way that is unique to you. Whether you have a charming lilt in your accent, or an infectious exuberance in your voice, let it shine today.

    And if you encounter that one individual, that grumpiest of the grumpiest, well, be nice, be kind. We never know the battles others are waging, and your simple act of kindness may be the very thing someone needs to carry on. And that is your astrological summary for today. If you are interested in the details about today:. Today a fire trine between Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and the Moon in Sagittarius creates a nice space of warmth and flow, encouraging us to be a part of the greater fire of Life.

    The spark of this trine is the Moon in Sagittarius, which is typically a friendly placement for the Moon. But when situated in a trine with Jupiter and Uranus, it can create a space for expanding our interactions with all of humankind. Jupiter in Aries is a space where we become our own motivation, our own self-leaders. We get our direction, our compass point from the expansion of our heart and desires made known to us by Jupiter in Leo. When self-leadership is combined with heart, it creates this space where we are a friend to all, and see the vital link our brothers and sister are not only in our life, but in the world expression as well.

    If you are one who typically has trouble speaking to strangers, or being proactive about being friendly, this trine can help you make small changes toward being a bit more proactive with your smile, and your engagement with others. Full Moons are always interesting times, astrologically. As the culmination of the lunar cycle, it represents something being wrapped up, coming to its natural end, before beginning a new cycle. This Full Moon, happening in the sign of Scorpio, is a little different from most:. The Sun represents our ego needs in any given situation, in this case for security, stability and comfort.

    Meanwhile, the Moon represents our emotional needs.

    Scorpio Weekly Astrology Horoscope 7th October 2019

    In Scorpio, these are darker, deeper and more regenerative. In opposition, these two energies may be warring in you now, and for the next few days. Depending on how this opposition falls in your personal chart, you may find yourself very angry or frustrated, sad for no reason at all, or suddenly considering a vastly different path in life. In this case, that outlet falls in the sign of Aquarius, around degrees or so. This sign asks us to look to the future, to be more connected, whether personally or virtually, to cultivate tolerance and unconditional love and universal oneness.

    But the universe is cutting off our options now, for whatever reason. Happy Full Moon! May it illuminate all you need to release and heal, and lead you to a lighter, brighter future. That feeling is exaggerated and quickened today for all age groups as we wrestle with fears that our opportunities are fading, that our emotion rather than our head is driving our passions, and that we do not have a place where we can grow and protect our passions. Whew … no wonder everything feels so on edge. Take a breath!!! Sometimes we shrug off intense feelings as something to be avoided, when in reality they can motivate us toward action, keep up on course, and serve to help us know ourselves in a more profound way.

    Just admit it. Admit your passion. Do not deny that inner fire that burns, and just cannot be denied. It is a degree about paying attention to what we are not paying attention to. But Jupiter also squares the Moon, which is usually an emotional transit, but when the Moon is in Scorpio it takes on a different flavor. And this square also helps us see what we have been lax about protecting or defending. Setting off this t-square is the opposition between the Sun in Taurus and the Moon. The Sun in Taurus wants to create in the physical, where as the Moon creates in the internal, and this opposition may make us think these are two opposing energies, but they are not.

    The end result is a day full of intense emotions; but an intensity that serves us, drives us, and defines us. You can use it unskillfully, and let it distract you. But I suggest letting it help reveal the inner nature of your true self, instead. And because this t-square involves fire, earth and water signs - and not the more intellectual air signs - this is about the fire in our physical world, and the emotional fortitude to let them express.

    When an alignment or transit between planets is completed, it is an opportunity to reflect and see how skillfully or unskillfully we engaged with that energy. When these wisps of fortune presented themselves, what did you do? Grab hold with gusto and enthusiasm?

    Astrology Love Match

    Reluctantly accept? Receive and then offer humble gratitude? Savor the moment? If you are satisfied with your answer, then bravo to you. On March 1st, Jupiter in Leo began a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius, creating a wonderful space of luck, fortune and opportunity. Then, enjoy an ancestral healing meditation for embodied health inspired by the Aries New Moon. On this episode, we explore Aries themes and connect to the part of the body Aries rules over, the head. And oh my goddess they are all full on activist pioneers! Then, we have the incredible Heidi Rose Robbins on the show today.

    Heidi is an esoteric astrologer based in Los Angeles. Heidi has supported many men and women through life transitions as an esoteric astrologer and as the leader of Radiant Life retreats, in which she teaches women how to live fuller, more expressive and courageously loving lives. We have an incredibly deep felt episode for your this week. Deep well of empathy processes the emotions of the collectiveConnection to Magical Otherworlds elicits fantasy and imaginationTurns heartache into devotional prayer for peacePoetically flows with Cosmic MysteryLoving-kindness and compassion releases the bind of karmic imprisonment.

    IG: Mystical Mandrake Root email: mysticalmandrakeroot gmail. On this episode of Cosmic Cousins we dive in deep to the Piscean Waters. We cover near death experiences, shutting off sensitivity as a child, imaginary friends, maiden-mother-crone, angelic visions, surrender and relaxing into the flow, escapism, self-sabotaging, how to align both the Queen of Cups and Page of Cups sides of Pisces and loneliness.

    Hope you enjoy! Big Pieces Love to you all! This week on the show we talk about Mercury Retrograde and how that is a complimentary energy to Pisces Season. Then, enjoy a meditation for embodied health the Pisces New Moon. Vincent Millay, and Lupita Nyongo. Hey cosmic cousins! Welcome back to another week of the show. I was under the weather last week and couldn't publish an episode. On this week's episode, we start off with a guided meditation for embodied health that honors the energy of Pisces!

    And finally, we have our first every Aquarius Panel, which features L. And Stockholm based Samuel Draper samuel. This week on the show, enjoy a meditation that explores the polarity between Aquarius and Leo and is focused on the theme of love. We also talk about intercepted signs in your birth chart! And much, much more! Please leave some comments and love! It would be so nice to hear from you, it's my birthday week, after-all!!

    First enjoy a meditation for embodied health. In this meditation, we talk about Aquarius's connection to joints and the ankle, as well as holding space for feeling as connected to friendship and humanity at large. Aquarius is really a fascinating sign when it comes to planetary rulership, because it is co-ruled by two planets.

    Saturn, the planet of authority and commitment, and Uranus the planet of revolution and change.

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