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Help the work today! Your donation contributes to the ongoing work of the Rudhyar Archival Project. George Washington receiving the horoscope of America from the Angel Gabriel.

The horoscope being presented to Washington see detail below shows an old-fashioned square chart graphic. Over the years astrologers have come up with, and continue to come up with, various times for the birth of the American nation.

Previous practitioners of the program outlined in this book have enjoyed growth in their leadership abilities, increased their financial and career prospects, enhanced intimacy with their family and friends, found their true love, became pregnant when doctors had ruled it an impossibility, and drastically improved their health. Readers of Cosmic Navigator can expect all of this and more.

While Kabbalah speaks in cosmic or universal terminology, Astrology is more local and focuses on the energies of our Solar System. Since we are part of the Solar System Astrology as well as the Universe Kabbalah , it is vital to learn about these two doctrines simultaneously. Like all navigators, the Cosmic Navigator starts the journey at the point of origin.

That home base derives from Astrology—i. Kabbalah and its mystical techniques: including myths, metaphors and meditations with Hebrew letters paves the path that all cosmic navigators use to attain their goals. Today, partly thanks to publicity from celebrities like Madonna, the clandestine mysteries of Kabbalah have been thrust into the mainstream. Astrology is personal.

Birthday Horoscope and Birthday Signs

It provides every person an easy entrance into the numinous realm of Kabbalah, which offers more gravity, more spirituality, and greater possibility. For example, one woman who worked with the techniques described in Cosmic Navigator, found that her chart featured Saturn in the fifth house. Disappointed and crushed at first, this woman nonetheless worked with the Kabbalistic meditations and exercises prescribed in this book and she soon received a stunning insight. She would expand her idea of having children.

That affirmative act transformed her life with the many blessings this child brought to her home, her marriage and her disposition. And it also seemed to transform her astrological lot. Five years later—to the amazement of her doctor, if not her astrologer—she got pregnant and had a child. A few years after that, she gave birth to her third child. Wedded to a magical tradition of hands-on spiritual virility like Kabbalah, Astrology becomes far richer.

The Zodiac Cooks

Mercury transforms from a devilish nuisance for travel and computer snafus when it turns retrograde to a beloved messenger to the divine that brings us—when we pay attention—marvelous synchronicities and inspirations that literally can change our lives. After years of teaching both Kabbalah and Astrology and interpreting dozens of astrological charts each week in private consultations, Gahl Sasson has discovered indisputably that Kabbalah fused with Astrology can empower our lives in a way that traditional astrology cannot.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Cosmic Navigator is the first book that brings the limitless potentiality of this hybrid to the general public. The cosmic navigator pursues this journey by focusing not just on his or her own sun and rising sign, but by personifying and thus becoming every sign in the zodiac. Each of us—whether we identify ourselves as a Sagittarius, Cancer or Capricorn—have all of the signs somewhere within our astrological chart.

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This book teaches us to recognize the wondrous complexity of our astrological constitution and provides the methodology for activating all the hidden powers of our potential. The reader does that by dedicating one week to each of the twelve signs. The book asks the readers to incarnate as each sign for one week. Like a method actor who thoroughly immerses himself into the character of a Mafia boss or the Queen of England, the reader will place himself into an Aires-state of mind, for example, a person of action, decisiveness and adventure.

The following week, the reader moves forward to Taurus and become an unapologetic sensualist fascinated by food, art, money and their own particular talents.

Leo in the Complete Horoscope

Each chapter includes a list of traits and symbols associated with that particular sign and the reader will use these characteristics to invoke and then magnify the power of that particular archetype everywhere he or she goes. For twelve weeks, each cosmic navigator will embark on a revitalizing spiritual training regimen, tapping the latent potential of each archetype that lies within each one of us.

The chapter on Libra, on the other hand, tones the spiritual muscle that attracts the best romantic partner and other types of personal relationships. Scorpio will stimulate intimacy, sexuality and transformation, while Capricorn will help attain career success.

destiny horoscope book Destiny horoscope book
destiny horoscope book Destiny horoscope book
destiny horoscope book Destiny horoscope book
destiny horoscope book Destiny horoscope book
destiny horoscope book Destiny horoscope book

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