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But, polarities can develop an imbalance. Yin is passive, receptive, and sensitive. If the force falls out of balance, it makes the person closed off and passive-aggressive. Yang is assertive, action-oriented, and direct. If Yang energies fall out of balance, Libra is domineering, aggressive, and bullish. This duo will have to embrace opposing polarities to restore balance. This couple will do well to offer tolerance for personality differences. Tolerance, understanding, and patience are all part of the formula for romantic success.

In astrology, the aspect of two zodiac signs helps determine love compatibility. Aspect is the measurement of the distance between signs on the celestial wheel. With the Libra and Scorpio love match, the signs are a single sign apart. It forms a semisextile aspect.

Here, Libra and Scorpio are one sign or position apart.

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Their houses might look similar on the outside. But, the interior designs differ greatly. Activities they engage in might be quite different from one another as well. Neighbors will either hate or love each other. Longtime neighbors can end up having a wonderful relationship. Libra and Scorpio can be happy if both parties offer acceptance and mutual respect.

All signs in the zodiac correspond with one of four influential elements: Fire, Air, Earth, or Water. Air influences Libra. Already, these two influences seem at odds. Water can end up suffocating Air. The element of Air can end up disrupting the natural flow of water. But, if these influences work together, they can produce healing rains for the earth. Libra is all intellect. Scorpio is all dreamy. Heart and mind join together to complement one another or to crash into one another!

It all depends on how this duo approaches every issue they face. Libra loves to talk.


Sometimes the parties in the Libra and Scorpio relationship will not see eye-to-eye. There will be times this duo never understands one another. While Libra seeks change at every turn, Scorpio is screaming at them to stand still. A Scorpio partner is not happy with insecurity or unpredictability. Libra and Scorpio compatibility is questionable when the couple refuses to work together. Other couples rival the intensity between and Libra Man and a Scorpio Woman.

Both personalities are loving, imaginative, and creative.

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When it comes to love and romance, the Libra Man is like the master spell caster. The first few dates between the Libra Man and Scorpio Woman are out on the town. But, the outings are in locations private, quiet locations. A Scorpio Woman likes privacy. She always turns the conversation back to him. Libra loves talking about anything. So, he has no trouble talking about himself, his feelings, and dreams. The Scorpio Woman finds the Libra Man fascinating. She absorbs every word he says. All the while, she carves important facts into her memory for future reference.

She takes mental notes on everything he enjoys and desires.

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The sex between them is fiery hot. Sometimes, the sexual frenzy makes the Scorpio Woman less attentive to the Libra man. They only time she loses sight of what he wants is when her lusty needs and carnal desires come to the fore. As wonderful as it can be, the Libra and Scorpio love match faces significant challenges. A Libra Man is one who tries to keep the peace in all situations.

He wants to please everyone he interacts with, and this desire alone is problematic. Next thing you know, the Scorpio Woman is at the bottom of the list of his priorities. Love between a Libra Man and Scorpio Woman is just as intense as their carnal desires. A Libra Man is social and sometimes flirtatious although he means no harm by it.

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Jealousy brews and out comes the venom of the Scorpion! The Libra and Scorpio relationship is one proving intense for both parties. The Libra Woman and Scorpio Man will find ecstasy and love when they are exploring romance. A Scorpio Man is the fiery, mysterious soul Libra dreams about. The Libra Woman brings balance and harmony to the relationship. A Scorpio Man brings intrigue and mystery. She believes she can bring him the peace and balance he seems to lack.

No amount of persuasion will make Scorpio change their fundamental nature. The Libra Woman will look to intensify the emotional connection between them.

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Scorpio will be looking to explore sensual and physical needs. Once the bedroom door closes behind them, Scorpio frees himself. The Scorpio Man is highly experimental. Libra has no problem following his lead in the bedroom. Her main goal is to see he satiates his every desire.

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Outside of the bedroom, this duo bangs head when trying to figure out who takes the lead. Both parties have their own agendas and bucket lists. Because of this, Libra needs to tone down socialization. She needs to spend more private time with Scorpio. Likewise, the Scorpio Man needs to give a little leeway. A Libra Woman and Scorpio Man share the need for commitment and predictability. Deep down inside, confident Scorpio has an amazing level of insecurity. If Scorpio cheats, Libra will often forgive the transgression.

He cannot overlook the indiscretion of the Libra Woman. It leads to the ruin of the relationship. The Libra and Scorpio love match has a hot and spicy love affair. If they tend to the fires of their love and keep the flame under control, this relationship will last. If they let the fires rage out of control, the relationship will burn out and fade away. Are you wondering if your relationship has a similar compatibility factor? What do you really know about your lover? Are you meant for one another or do you clash?

Can you improve the likelihood of success with your love affair? Let Building Beautiful Souls show you all the compatibility information you need.

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  8. Learn how you can make the most of your relationship! Everything you need is a mouse click away! Looking for love? Click to read all about Libra Compatibility! Get in-depth info about the Libra Man! Unravel the mystery of the Libra Woman! Have a Libra Daughter or Son? Competitive Aries loves this — the warrior is not about to get their thunder stolen in areas of excellence, and lovingly teaches the Libra personality how to acquire or improve new skill sets.

    That said, Libra is happy to take instruction when they have been astral gazing for far too long. Both of these Cardinal signs are not naturally monogamous. Aries wants to initiate and be numero uno — a drive that can sometimes lead to cheating. Libra likes to be in charge of their romantic urges and sometimes affairs can be a real possibility.

    If Aries cheats first Libra has the capacity to forgive as they are able to separate sex from love — mentally and emotionally. They may need to have a serious talk about temptation — is it going to be an open relationship or are there prescribed checks and balances to ensure ongoing monogamy.

    Falling in love just feels right for these two and they are often surprised at the speed in which it happens. Both like to create big statements and creative Libra will educate Aries in the art of planning medieval dinner parties and creating suitable playlists. Aries recognizes the potential for an appreciative audience and orchestrates occasions where they dazzle and shine — the ram is not above paying their mates to lose at poker just to impress the Libran in their life. In a boat with a goat.

    On a train or in a tree? Libra is one giant erogenous zone and Aries has stamina to burn. They take it when they need it and the only pre-requisite is that sex should not be boring or mundane. They are the couple who will live together for many years and then spring a surprise wedding on friends and family. They are not particularly practical but seem to lead a charmed life when it comes to staying out of debt and unearthing new adventures and opportunities.

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    Libra libra compatibility rating

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